The crushing of concrete, rock, brick, salt, and other hardened materials at job sites is a growing trend of the future. Contractors are discovering the great value of recycling by crushing existing debris from the job into usable material for site redevelopment. Recycling existing material eliminates the need to haul away unusable debris from the job site and provides quality aggregate for site redevelopment.


One item in particular that is becoming very popular is crushed concrete. Due to its exceptional compaction, crushed concrete is great for forming road base.

Crushing of debris has been proven to be cost effective and good for our environment. Recycling saves space in landfills, prevents the need to dig holes to bury debris, and preserves our resources by not having to purchase new materials.

S.M. Gallivan L.L.C. provides the service of on-site material crushing and screening. Our services are available to demolition contractors, quarries, and material recyclers. We can downsize your product into a wide range of grades and standards. Call us today to have one of our experienced project managers assess your crushing needs.

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